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Adventure Travel: Top Destinations

Get Ready for Adventure Travel

You finally have the chance to take a much needed holiday, and you want to make the most of your time. No relaxing spa time, no fine dining in busy urban jungles, no gentle stroll through the countryside. Not this time. Now is the time to be daring; you seek thrills. Adrenaline. Adventure. Hurtle thousands of feet through the clear blue sky, see wildlife, or hike through stunning scenery. Here's some inspiration for your next adventure travel experience.
Best Destinations for Adventure Travel ​

Best Destinations for Adventure Travel ​

But, where are the top spots for that perfect adventure vacation? Here are our best picks.

  • 1. Queenstown, New Zealand

    Queenstown is known as the adventure capital of New Zealand for good reason. Is falling through the sky your thing? Well, Queenstown is home to the world's first bungee jump, at Kewerau Bridge, or the highest in the southern hemisphere (440 feet) at Nevis Bungy Jump. There's also the option of a tandem skydive with Skydive Queenstown. Water-lovers can go jet-boating, kayaking, or river rafting. Land options include off-road driving, mountain biking, the Skyline Luge, or in winter there's great snow for skiing and snowboarding​.

  • 2. Ecuador, South America

    Ecuador ​​​​might be one of the smaller countries in South America but it's an adventure travel dream. Head to the Galapagos Islands and get up close and personal with sea lion pups and the giant tortoises that the islands are named after. Or go whale watching off the coast of Isla de la Plata. If you're feeling daring visit the small city of Bańos and take El Vuelo del Cóndor- the flight of the condor. Strapped into a long swing, you'll find yourself soaring across a mountain valley, free as a bird. Another option is to travel into the depths of the Amazon jungle, where you can stay in a jungle lodge or take a river cruise.

  • 3. Zion National Park, Utah, USA

    Not every adventure destination has to be exotic; there are incredible options a bit closer to home, such as Zion National Park. Feeling brave and fit? Lace-up those hiking boots and climb up to Angel's Landing, with its dizzying drops on either side and stunning views across the park. If you'd prefer to remain seated, take a horseback excursion through the park, along the Virgin River or up the Sand Bench Trail. Canyoneering is another thrilling option, where you can hike, climb, rappel, and swim your way through top spots such as the Narrows, Pine Creek, and the Subway. Remember, training or a guide is recommended.

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