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Beach Vacations: Top Destinations

Beach Vacations are Fun for the Whole Family

If you enjoy warm sunny shores and calm waters, then beach vacations are the best way to unwind. When picking the ideal destinations, look for beaches that are easily accessible and offer fun activities for different age groups.
Best Destinations for a Beach Vacation

Best Destinations for a Beach Vacation

Gaze at tranquil lakes from afar, spot wildlife or go sunbathing. These great spots offer a taste of it all. Check out this list of idyllic spots - perfect for planning beach vacations around the world.

  • 1. Tofino, British Columbia

    on Vancouver Island has sandy beaches surrounded by wild natural scenery including lakes, inlets, and ancient rain forests. There are year-round surfing facilities and boat cruises as you watch whales, sea lions, and black bears.

  • 2. Clearwater, Florida

    Situated in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, the beaches here are incredibly popular spring break destinations. Soft white sandy shores and calm waters are only part of the appeal of this city. Clearwater is known for having some of the best beaches in America. Go sailing or jet-skiing on Caladesi Island State Park and take the kids along to look for beautiful shell treasures. There's also a wide range of restaurants, trinket shops, and hotels along the marina which suit any traveling budget.

  • 3. Crete, Greece

    Visit the Greek islands and see for yourself why it's a favorite for Hollywood movie-makers. Crete offers a more affordable, less flashy alternative to Santorini and Mykonos but it's every bit as splendid. Unwind and soak up the sun on white sandy beaches. Explore coves along the fine sands of Elafonissi Beach and swim in the shallow lagoons. There are also sea turtles to keep you company along the way.

  • 4. Bali, Indonesia

    boasts some of the most iconic beaches in the world. This island is steeped in an air of quiet spirituality and traditions. Expect long, soulful conversations with locals and jaw-dropping views to inspire you. Gunung Payung Beach is tranquil and perfect for relaxing with a book. Older kids may enjoy paragliding tours and tandem flights. It's quite a long trek to get to this secluded beach, but the scenery is worth every step. Little ones and older folks may need to rest up and refresh before setting out to this spot.

  • 5. Maui, Hawaii

    What's a roundup of the best destinations for a beach vacation without mentioning the spot on everyone's bucket list? Maui is part of the Hawaiian archipelago. Kaanapali and Kapalua Bay are top-rated beaches. Imagine swaying palm trees and gentle waters, Maui is all that the travel vloggers say it is. Fire dancing, furious waterfalls, and hikes at the crack of dawn - there's never a dull moment here. The dormant volcanoes add a dash of adventure to the picture-perfect island.

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