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Cultural Trips


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Cultural Trips: Top Destinations

Discover Cultural Trips Around the World

For most people, vacations imply going to a beautiful place and doing nothing. But there are so many places that have things to teach us, while still enjoying the fun, vacation vibes.
Best Destinations for Cultural Trips

Best Destinations for Cultural Trips

Cultural trips are a unique way to travel and get immersed at the same time into the local culture or learn something new about a particular historical event or age.

  • 1. Jerusalem

    This ancient city unites multiple cultures, beliefs, and displays very different ways of life: Christian, Islamic and Jewish Orthodox. Jerusalem brings them all together, so you can get valuable insights into each one. The Church Of The Holy Sepulchre is said to preserve the place where Jesus was crucified. Other important sites are the Western Wall, an essential landmark for the Jew, and the Dome of the Rock, one of the oldest Islamic buildings, filled with beautiful mosaics. These cultures also intermingle beautifully in the Old City Market, a must-see for the curious vacationer.

  • 2. Prague

    Have you ever imagined what it would be like to wake up in the body of a giant cockroach or be tried for a mysterious crime, by a very elusive court? The famous author Franz Kafka did and his novels entice millions of readers to visit Prague, where the writer lived and based some of his stories. Feel like one of the characters in Franz Kafka's "The Castle" and explore the cobblestone streets leading to the actual Prague Castle, towering over the Old City. Prague is also a unique mix of baroque, gothic and classic architecture, so your trip will also double as a most pleasant lesson in architecture styles, from the oldest to the present day. The Dancing House is one of Prague's most recent jewels, designed by the architect Frank Gehry.

  • 3. São Paulo

    This Brazilian gem of a city is home to hundreds of nightclubs, making it perfect for cultural trips. From the latest hits to jazz and melancholic folk songs, the city is in love with live music. And of course, there is the samba, the Brazilian signature dance! The best way to get educated while your hips move is to attend one of the Saturday markets in São Paulo, like the Calixto. While the local vendors try to lure you with beautiful crafts, colonial antiques, or tasty fresh food, there is always live music being played in the background and people around, dancing. After all that jazz, visit the Ibirapuera Park, a splendid oasis in the middle of the city and the gateway to more culture, The Museum of Modern Art, the Afro-Brazilian Museum or the awe-inspiring Museum of Contemporary Art.

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