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Dog-Friendly Vacations: Top Destinations

Dog-friendly vacations

As a dog owner, planning dog-friendly vacations is an uphill task that comes up short most times, especially when you don't know where to look. You end up making phone calls and knocking on doors in a quest to get the most suitable person to leave your best friend with. But, what if you could take your furkid with you on vacation?
Best Destinations for Travelling With Your Dog

Best Destinations for Travelling With Your Dog

Dog-friendly vacations have over time become an acceptable norm as dog owners strive to include their best pals in the fun. Fortunately, most destinations have gone out of their way to ensure you can travel, have fun, and let your dog tag along as you explore. These destinations include:

  • 1. Buffalo Peaks, Colorado

    Bring your dog out for an adventure at Buffalo Peaks. Let them off their leash as you explore the picturesque landscapes through lush green meadows and epic creeks that are perfect for photos with your best friend. Hike through countless trails as you hunt in the forests before setting your camping tent and campfire at dusk to end your day in style.

  • 2. Lake Mead, Nevada

    This man-made Lake lies on the Colorado River in Las Vegas and it's a perfect dog-friendly vacation destination. Explore River Mountains Loop Trail and walk historic trails such as the Redstone Trail which features awe-inspiring rock formations that you'll both enjoy.

  • 3. Albuquerque, New Mexico

    With more than 50 dog-friendly restaurants and huge tracts of public parks, this destination is ideal for your dog-friendly vacations. Walk through the Albuquerque desert for a chance to catch amazing sunsets as your dog explores the sand dunes.

  • 4. Malibu Beach, California

    Just as you love the idea of soaking up some sun with the sand between your toes, dogs love waddling in the sand, running after a Frisbee, and taking a refreshing dip in the ocean.

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