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January Vacations: Top Destinations

Here's What Makes January Vacations so Special

The holiday season has gone by and most travelers are heading home - this is the magic of a January vacation. Whether you want to lay on the beach and enjoy some sun, take advantage of the last snowfalls up on the mountains, or visit some well-known attractions after the winter crowd has left, January vacations grant that and more to all its travelers. Visitors who prefer keeping warm are encouraged to visit countries in the southern hemisphere as they will be in full summer season.
5 Best Destinations for a January Vacation

5 Best Destinations for a January Vacation

Depending on what you like, the possibilities for travel destinations in January are endless. And, looking forward to a January vacation is a great way to beat the post-holiday blues! Here are some of the best spots for January vacations that will appeal to every taste.

  • 1. Val-D'Isère, France

    Travelers that want to take a skiing vacation are encouraged to head to Val-D'Isère. This beautiful town located in the French Alps will still have plenty of fresh snow on its slopes once the New Year crowd has gone. Visitors will also get the chance to enjoy the various spas, restaurants, and sun terraces.

  • 2. Montreal, Quebec

    During January, the city is host to a popular music festival called Igloofest. Moreover, travelers get to enjoy the stunning French-style chateau architecture under the winter atmosphere as well as try one of the many decadent restaurants around town. Try out the local dish called poutine, a dish comprised of chunky fries drenched in gravy and cheese curds - it helps keep you warm on the cold streets of Canada.

  • 3. Bruges, Belgium

    Nothing is more fairytale-like than Bruges during the winter. Dive into history by strolling through this medieval town, which looks even more enchanting under the winter snow and frost. Find some warmth while indulging in the local craft beers and fries. Restaurants, cafés, and bars in the area have a very antique and cozy feel to them, making the winter atmosphere even more present.

  • 4. Phuket, Thailand

    is at peak season during this month, as not only is the weather optimal but the holiday crowds are all gone. You'll get the chance to enjoy the beautiful island of Phuket and all its surrounding nature at its prime. Expect hammocks, beach bars, friendly locals, and some of the best food on the entire planet.

  • 5. Sydney, Australia

    On the other side of the hemisphere, in Australia, it's high summer. Travelers that want to truly escape the cold and lay on the beach may find their wishes being granted while in Sydney.

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