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March Vacations


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March Vacations: Top Destinations

Here's Why March Vacations Are so Amazing

A look at vacation destinations in March reveals temperatures in South America starting to shoot up, while European frosts are beginning to thaw. Meanwhile, all year round top venues, like Dubai and Jamaica, maintain their charm despite the weather. Other fun March vacations include going rum tasting in Cuba, taking a gondola ride in Venice, and spotting orangutans in Borneo.
5 Best Destinations for Travel in March

5 Best Destinations for Travel in March

March equinox, occurring around March 20, announces the arrival of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and beginning of fall within the Southern Hemisphere. This is a mild period within the travel calendar. There's plenty of spots with good weather, thrilling activities, and phenomenal people. Start with these 5 top choices.

  • 1. Cuba

    This Caribbean giant has more than vintage cars and cigars. Indulging in vibrant mixtures of culture, cuisine, and history make for enchanting holiday ventures. Historical snippets include Che Guevara taking part in the revolution. Enjoy salsa dancing nights at famed Casa De La Musica, or stroll through Havana and its pastel-hued avenues. Cuban March vacations mean manageable temperatures, more prolonged and sunnier days, and less rain.

  • 2. Dubai

    Take a trip into Arabian history at Bastakiya. March vacations are not mere destinations but journeys too, as Dubai attests since temperatures have yet to reach their peak. Visit famed man-made islands curved to resemble tropical palm trees. The skyscraper Buri Khalifa summons you to revel in its awe-inspiring vistas, while world-renowned shopping malls beckon.

  • 3. Borneo

    Main attractions include orangutans and their natural habitats. March means an ideal time to sun yourself on Gaya Island beach. For the keen snorkeler, March is whale shark season allowing you to go snorkeling among them. Diving among rainbow-colored reefs and exploring sunken shipwrecks are other thrilling activities.

  • 4. India

    The Holi Festival, officially announcing the onset of spring, celebrates the Festival of Love in the Indian sub-continent, and represents one of the most colorful periods within the Indian Calendar. Join residents in the streets while they shower everyone with vibrantly colored water and powder. Participate in a wood and dung bonfire for Holika Dahan to celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

  • 5. Jamaica

    Who can forget the home to Bob Marley? Jamaica has a mix of great food, enchanting Rastafarian religion, laid-back lifestyle, and unspoiled coastline. Uncover the myth of the White Witch of Rose Hall, and at Negril, grab a rum cocktail and watch fearless divers plummet from high cliffs. Discover secret ingredients and recipes for local dishes and wow your envious friends back home.

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