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September Travel


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September Travel: Top Destinations

Start Making September Travel Plans

For many reasons, September travel is a great idea. Fewer crowds and irresistible prices top the list. It's the perfect time of the year to get away and enjoy some time alone with the people that matter before the holiday rush begins.
Best Destinations for September Travel

Best Destinations for September Travel

For most people, September is the end of the holiday and travel. It's the time when kids are going back to school, and others, to work. But if you can manage to go against the grain, September travel can be relaxing.

  • 1. North and Central America

    is mostly basking in full autumn splendour and are the best places to be in September for a vacation. That means you will be having Nova Scotia and other seaside destinations all to yourself, and you can enjoy the best seafood and accommodations. The American Midwest and Quebec have plenty of harvest from the farmers market, and you can enjoy the best fresh food. The famous cities such as Vancouver, San Francisco, and New York are quite manageable with the kids back to school.

  • 2. Europe

    has the majority of the citizenry returning from the August holidays, and you'll have the most exceptional places and scenes to yourself. September travel discounts are also awesome. The Mediterranean weather is sunny and pleasant, while Western Europe is mild and welcoming. Russia Scandinavia and the Baltic states will be warming up by September, and it's nothing that an excellent spirit for adventure and travel can't handle. In Croatia, temperatures are still in the mid-20s, and the accommodations are a bit more affordable, with the crowds dissipating. This is the best time to take a cruise to the Adriatic Islands and enjoy the marvelous sights of Venetian architecture and breathtaking beaches.

  • 3. Africa and the Middle East

    The mountains of Morocco and beaches of Tunisia are gradually emptying after the holidays, and are, therefore, the best places for September travel. The temperatures in the Arabian Peninsula are more manageable, and you can go hiking In Lebanon. It will be springtime in southern Africa, and the best time to birdwatch and hike. September is also the birth month to watch wildlife. The temperatures are mild, and the animals congregate around watering holes to quench their thirst and cool down.

  • 4. Asia

    In Japan and China, the heat has finally dissipated. The valley and the mountain passes are very accessible in September. Sri Lanka and India are enjoying pleasantly cool weather after the oppressive heat has crossed over the Indian Ocean. On the islands, the rains begin to slow down. That means longer sunbathing sessions, snorkeling, and diving. Central Asia and Nepal are on the verge of peak season for visitors, and you get the upper hand by getting there before everyone else.

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