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Sunny Destinations: Top Destinations

Sunny Destinations: How to Escape Winter

As the cold season fast approaches, we start making plans for a possible winter getaway. Seize your chance to soak up as much sunshine as you like by exploring some exotic lands.
Top 10 Sunny Destinations You Must Visit

Top 10 Sunny Destinations You Must Visit

Before you get down to planning your vacation, you'll need to have a good idea of the top sunny destinations. Here are some that deserve a place on your bucket list.

  • 1. Marrakech, Morocco

    The lush Moorish-style gardens of Bahia Palace and lively Djemaa El Fna Square highlight the numerous features of this fantastic winter sun destination. Enjoy the unexpected banter and beauty in the Marrakech souks where intriguing bargains and a bustling atmosphere converge at the heart of Morocco. Try a blend of luxury hotels and antiquity when you stay at a traditional riad. Here, in the old medina, visitors can actually sleep in the same room as several generations of Moroccans have done before them. Marrakesh has so many restaurants and cafes that serve local favourites like tajine and couscous. Certain Marrakshi delicacies like Tanjia are prepared in earthen pots.

  • 2. Koh Samui, Thailand.

    Visitors throng this sunny destination for its pristine beaches and warm weather. Rent a scooter and discover the hidden treasures on the island. Chase waterfalls and go coconut crazy as you mingle with the friendly locals. Samui's Big Buddha statue is a must-see. It's almost 12 meters tall and golden. Visit Namuang Waterfalls for a great place to relax in nature and its rock pools are also perfect for a dip.

  • 3. Dubai, UAE

    For a perfect combination of vibrant city life and a relaxing beach break, Dubai is your best bet. The colourful spice markets and desert adventures make this a must-see. Dubai's architecture is simply marvelous with its skyscrapers and uniquely shaped metro stations. Take a helicopter trip and see the intriguing artificial island of Palm Jumeirah in all its glory. For a taste of Dubai's world-famous nightlife, check out clubs like the White Dubai and Blue Marlin.

  • 4. Bali, Indonesia

    Enjoy a heavenly experience in the quiet beaches of Bali. Then explore the town and marvel at the temple's ornate decorations and architecture - you'll learn a lot about local mythology. Make your way through the mountain forests on a bike as you enjoy the historic sites. Find a paddle raft and ride the wild river for a little adventure.

  • 5. Zanzibar, Tanzania

    A historical and exciting vacation awaits you. The unspoiled white sandy beaches along with the Indian Ocean's scintillating blue waters earn the island a place in this selection. This place has the most diverse wildlife in Africa, including the world's largest game reserve, the Selous. Expect to see the Big 5 and come back with stories you'll want to tell your grandkids and their grandkids. You'll also get to see the traditional villages of ancient nomads, the Maasai people.

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