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Tropical Vacations: Top Destinations

Enjoy the Sun, Sand, and Sea with Tropical Vacations

Pristine beaches, sparkling turquoise waters, and palm trees swaying below endless sunshine. This is the experience you get, whether you travel to the Caribbean, southern US, or Asia. The globe is studded with plenty of destinations that offer the perfect tropical vacations for relaxation or adventure. So, what are you waiting for?
Best Destinations for a Tropical Adventure

Best Destinations for a Tropical Adventure

There are so many places to visit when you're looking for an exciting tropical adventure by the sea. Some have buzzing, vibrant cultures, while others boast tropical-inspired culinary delights. Some have an overabundance of wildlife and lush landscapes, while some boast historic sites. However, on this list, you will find tropical vacation destinations that feature all of the best bits! Now all that's left for you to do is to pack your swimsuit and book your tickets.

  • 1. The Maldives

    Nestled in the Indian Ocean, off the southwestern shores of India, Maldives welcomes guests to 26 atolls surrounded by sparkling azure waters. Visitors flock the region for its surreal beauty and a warm atmosphere. The Maldives also offers world-class spots for underwater adventurers who relish scuba diving or snorkeling. The water here teems with marine creatures, including whale sharks and manta rays, and you can enjoy swimming with these beautiful animals.

  • 2. Hawaii

    Located off the West Coast of the United States, Hawaii consists of Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Big Island. From its cliffs, stunning beaches, beautiful jungles, and rolling peaks and valleys, this destination is an ideal area for both adventure and relaxation. Exploring one of the 50 state parks in Hawaii allows you to discover unique geographical features that include waterfalls, caves, and volcanic landscapes. Museums like the Pearl Harbor, Iolani Palace, and Bishop Museum tell the historical stories of the Hawaiian Islands.

  • 3. Bora Bora

    A notable aspect of this archetypal South Pacific paradise is how the landscape rises to a single, sharp peak surrounded by a gorgeous lagoon. The luxurious accommodations feature cute rental houses perched above the water. Some even have glass floors to allow guests to view the thriving marine life. Experience the fascinating French culture and tingle your taste buds with authentic Gallic flavors. Sporty visitors can hit the picturesque trails or enjoy tons of watersports.

  • 4. The Mamanuca Islands

    Part of Fiji, this archipelago consists of 20 small, enchanting islands featuring heavenly beaches with palm trees bristling in the background. Alluring clear waters surround the sand-bathed islands and coral reefs. Put your surfing skills to action at Cloudbreak, one of the world's legendary surf breaks.

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