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Vacation rentals with Wi-Fi

Apartment Internet Stavanger
Apartment ∙ 6 guests ∙ 3 bedrooms
Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway
from $140
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Apartment Internet Stavanger
Apartment ∙ 4 guests ∙ 2 bedrooms
Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway
from $155
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Apartment Internet Stavanger
Nov. 28 - Dec. 5
Apartment ∙ 7 guests ∙ 3 bedrooms
Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway
from $134 $181
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Apartments and vacation rentals with a kitchen

Apartment Kitchen Stavanger
Oct. 31 - Nov. 7
Apartment ∙ 2 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway
from $129 $256
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House Kitchen Stavanger
House ∙ 10 guests ∙ 6 bedrooms
Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway
from $428
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House Kitchen Stavanger
House ∙ 8 guests ∙ 3 bedrooms
Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway
from $258
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Popular Rental Amenities in Stavanger

  • Internet (180)
  • No smoking (178)
  • Parking (143)
  • TV (142)
  • Kitchen (139)
  • Washer (115)
  • Dishwasher (88)
  • Microwave (86)
  • Balcony/Patio (82)
  • Wheelchair access (71)
  • No pets (50)
  • Air conditioning (40)

Stavanger is a good holiday destination if you want a property with a pool. A few of the accommodation options there include one. Additionally, more hotel rooms have pools than any other type of accommodation. They are an excellent choice if you go in a group of 0, as that is the number of people they can welcome on average. If, ideally, you would like to be near the water, nearly all of the holiday rentals providing a pool are located within 2 kilometres of the waterfront. In Stavanger, there are a lot of choices in case you're searching for an accommodation that welcomes pets. If this is a top requirement for you, have a look at the hotel rooms in Stavanger. This is the most pet-friendly type of accommodation there. If you want to stay central, a few of the pet-friendly properties are less than 2 kilometres away from the city centre.

The Weather in Stavanger


- Rainy days

This is the climate diagram for Stavanger. On average, the warmest month is July. However, temperatures can go lower than 0° in Stavanger in January. The rainiest month is December, while the driest month is June.

Accommodations for your vacation in Stavanger

Nearly half of the properties (42.22%) in Stavanger are hotel rooms. They are the most prevalent holiday properties there. The average cost of hotel rooms is $180 a night, with an average size of 30 m². Furthermore, most hotel rooms in Stavanger are able to accommodate 3 people, which makes Stavanger a great holiday destination for couples and small groups. If you're interested in a different property type, you could consider apartment rentals, which are the other most typical property type in Stavanger. Apartment rentals in Stavanger are 60 m² on average, with an average price of $237 per night.

Rent a holiday apartments in Stavanger the oil capital of Norway

The city and municipality of Stavanger is located on the south west coast of Norway and has existed since the 12th Century. As with the whole of Norway, the city is proud of its long history and strong cultural heritage. The region is known for its long beaches and deep fjords as well the mountains which surround it. The warm and welcoming holiday apartments in Stavanger are modern and furnished in typical Scandinavian style.

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What is the weather like in Stavanger?

Stavanger's coastal climate

This region of Norway is, surprisingly, very mild but the weather is sometimes unpredictable. The Norwegians often joke that Stavanger can experience all four seasons in one day and temperatures can be the same in mid-winter as in mid-summer.

Temperatures very rarely reach below freezing and the summer months are very mild, with the July average standing at 15 degrees. September is the wettest month and January the coldest with an average temperature of 1 degree celsius.

What are the best events and festivals in Stavanger?

Festivals and celebrations on the Norwegian coast

The Stavanger region plays host to a number of sporting events throughout the year including the Sirdal Skimarathon and the Stavanger Marathon. Other events include the Stavanger Wine Festival during March and Gladmat, Scandinavia's biggest food festival, which happens during July.

What are the must-see attractions in Stavanger?

The scenic delights of Stavanger

Sola Beach

This sandy beach is located just 2km from Stavanger Airport and the nearby hotels and restaurants. The beach is favoured by walkers and those who enjoy water sports. The beach is easily accessible by bus and backs onto the Stavanger Golf Course.

Sverdi Fjell (Swords in Rock)

This world-famous monument comprises three 10 metre tall copper swords embedded in rock near the Hafrsfjord neighbourhood. They commemortate a battle which took place in the area in 872, when Norway became united under one crown.

Flor og Fjaere (Norwegian Tropics)

The Flor of Fjaere is an island of exotic gardens known for its tranquility, good food and sea views. There is a selection of international cuisine available as well as the opportunity to try the local seafood. The boat ride to the island takes 20 minutes from Skagenkaien and once there visited are treated to a guided tour.

Old Stavanger

This part of the city is mainly made up of small white cottages dating from the turn of the 18th Century. Travellers are welcomed by small galleries and handicraft boutiques, housed in the 173 historic buildings. The area is home to the Norwegian Canning Museum and the Stavanger Maritime Museum.


Overlooked by the 604 m Pulpit Rock, Lysefjord is a fjord off the coast of Stavanger. Boat trips give travellers the opportunity to see it in all its glory, leaving central Stavanger and taking around 3.5 hours all-round. The trips are available all year, although days vary according to the season.

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